Affiliate Program

We’ve all had the feeling of walking into a local store and enjoying the conversation, customer service and personal touch only a small business can provide.  But now more than ever, small businesses across the country are looking for solutions to compete with larger businesses in the digital age.

If you have a passion to help businesses and want to see your downtown and countless others thrive, consider signing up for our affiliate program.

People always ask how they can help support small businesses. Well, now you have the opportunity to show your support for small businesses beyond just shopping there. By introducing businesses to our services, you can change their outlook by helping them gain the exposure they deserve. Spread the word and you could be the reason some businesses stay afloat or better yet, thrive!

  1. Sign up as an affiliate.  Sign up here.
  2. Talk to businesses in your downtown area
  3. Use your unique link to sign them up
  4. We will handle the rest
  5. Check in with them and receive your commission every year

Many people already have connections around town. A few good conversations and offering the opportunity to help these businesses and this could quickly become more than a part time opportunity.  Start recruiting businesses today by going to the link below and sign up.